We can meet your CVM needs in two ways: A standard CellSense solution is available with hardware for 48, 96 or 144 cells. This way we support stacks with any number of cells up to 144. We can build custom CellSense systems upon request with hardware for any number of cells and with a form factor defined by the customer in order to fit the CVM in tight spaces or close to the stack. The table below shows the specifications for the standard system of the second generation of CVMs. Even in the standard system some options are available. In the second half of 2008 production of a second generation CVM will be started. This table will be updated when appropriate.The new or changed features of the second generation CVM are also listed.

  CellSense FC Standard device Options available
power requirement < 30 mW / cell  
power supply 18..32 V DC yes
number of cells (hardware) 48, 96, 144 yes
conversion accuracy 10 mV  
conversion rate  1000 cells / sec yes
cell voltage range -0.1 .. 1.1 V  
measurement method quasi simultaneous  
cell voltage input impedance 10 kΩ yes
Interface CAN, 500kbps, 11 bit ID  yes
relay outputs 1 change over  
relay contact rating 30VDC, 250VAC, 8A   
open collector outputs 1 isolated   
open collector output rating 50VDC, 150mA   
additional inputs none yes
isolation voltage (power) 1500 V  
isolation voltage (CAN) 2500 V  
isolation voltage (relay) 8000 V  
isolation voltage (OC output) 2500 V  
ambient temperature -20..80 °C yes
weight (excl. housing) < 10 g / cell  
housing 160 x 80 x 120 yes
cell connection interface D25 connector per 24 cells yes
internal data logger  2GB SD card  yes


These specifications are subject to change without notice