CellSense FC

On-site Cell Voltage Monitoring

Discover CellSense

As a fuel cell manufacturer, system integrator or end user, you see individual cell voltage monitoring with mixed emotions:

  • On one side it is comforting to know the stack and the balance of plant you are operating is doing well, and there is no better way to do this than with a CVM.  Most likely you have designed for best performance, that is, highest possible cell voltages.  So almost by definition, anything that goes wrong is reflected in a lower cell voltage somewhere in the system. 
  • On the other side you want to keep things simple to keep costs down.  Additional hardware means additional chance of false alarms or  bad contacts, additional maintenance etc.

We try to help you in making choice easier.

  • We provide a stable CVM solution with proven reliability.
  • We work on improving the benefits of a CVM, making it more performant and easier to integrate.
  • We add functionality to CellSense so existing hardware can be replaced and no additional resources are required to connect CellSense.
  • We reduce the inconveniences.

As time goes by "standard" solutions and technolgies will emerge in fuel cell stack integration.  We will investigate these trends and continuously look for including maximum functionality in the CVM with minimum increase in hardware cost.  This will make CellSense a "standard" component even in times where individual cells are all supposed to be identical.    

Take a look at CellSense's features to convince yourself.  Of course, there will always be a price to pay but we can provide the CellSense solution at a price that is merely a fraction of the cost of the total fuel cell system.  Economy of scale can bring this price down even further. This makes CellSense a great value-for-money CVM solution with a great perspective.